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The 2022 State of Falls Report

The report deepens our understanding of both how Americans feel about aging and falling, and the true impact falls have on adults residing in—and out—of senior living communities. Because with a greater understanding of a problem we can work towards more effective, transformative solutions.
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Dementia Through Their Eyes: Increase Dementia Awareness to Improve Level of Care and Attract New Move-Ins

Our latest whitepaper, "Dementia Through Their Eyes" features a Merrill Gardens Best Practice Spotlight in addition to sharing memory care-focused tips for increasing move-ins, empowering staff with person-centered care, and much more.
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How to Retain Residents and Increase Length of Stay

In this whitepaper, we share how Carlton Senior Living extended resident length of stay by 2X with SafelyYou. See the potential impact for your community in the featured occupancy model.
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Designing a Safe Living Space: Leveraging Room Design as a Market Differentiator to Promote Safety

Whether you're planning for new construction, are helping with resident move-ins, or are part of direct-care staff, this whitepaper shares valuable insights for room design and safety.
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Increase Staff Efficiency, Reduce Falls and Cut Costs in Senior Housing with Resident Rounding

Learn how implementing a purposeful resident-round program in your community will increase staff productivity and decrease turnover, while improving the resident experience and reducing falls.
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Reduce Costly Staff Turnover and Increase Occupancy Rates with Memory Care Fall Prevention Training

Learn how to reduce costly staff turnover and increase occupancy rates in your communities.
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The Inaugural

2022 State of
Falls Report

From Crisis to Opportunity:

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Transformative Change

Remove the guesswork from unwitnessed falls.

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