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New Perspective Senior Living Expands SafelyYou, Adopts Breakthrough SafelyYou Clarity™, Reduces Fall-related ER Visits to Incredible 2.8%

SafelyYou Clarity™ is an industry first, empowering communities to align labor to care plans and better meet residents’ needs. On average, 20% of falls for those 65 and older result in an ER visit, compared to New Perspective’s Remarkable 2.8% with SafelyYou. Reduced ER send outs resulting from falls prevent additional stress for residents and families and eliminate accruing costs for families and communities.

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Cogir Senior Living Expands SafelyYou to 36 Communities and into Assisted Living after Reducing the Number of Residents Falling by an Impressive 52%

For residents using SafelyYou for a minimum of 60 days, there was a 52% reduction in the number of residents falling when comparing the first month to the second month. Cogir is also partnering with SafelyYou to leverage their latest breakthrough, SafelyYou ClarityTM, which empowers operators to measure resident care automatically and accurately, a first for the industry.

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By 2030, falls will cost $11 billion per year.

The world-leader in AI-powered fall prevention.

All while opted-in residents increased over 63% across 5 communities.

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