How to Retain Residents and Increase Length of Stay

Carlton Senior Living Extends Length of Stay by 2X with SafelyYou

Carlton Senior Living, one of Northern California’s most successful senior living providers, is keeping their residents safe by leveraging SafelyYou’s fall detection and prevention technology.

As we shared in a previous whitepaper, Carlton Senior Living participated in one of SafelyYou’s initial pilot programs back in 2018. Carlton saw a reduction in falls by 31% and were 61% less likely to call emergency services when a video of a resident fall was available for review.  

Fast forward to 2021, and Carlton is continuing to leverage SafelyYou’s technology as the cornerstone of its well-designed fall prevention program. The program is reaping benefits that go well beyond reducing fall rates. Residents are extending their length of stay by 2X because they are staying safe and keeping out of the hospital. In addition, 4X as many residents were still with Carlton after the first 90 days if they were using SafelyYou.

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