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Accelerate occupancy rate gains post-pandemic

The most recent studies show senior living occupancy rates are beginning to slowly climb back after falling 9.2% from their peak at the height of the pandemic. But how do operators bridge the occupancy gap and capitalize on the largest-ever aging population when families face lingering fears coupled with inflation rates at a 40-year high? We’ve outlined strategies to help address these fears head-on, highlight how you support residents’ well-being, and make your communities stand out, so you can keep the residents you have and gain new residents to then keep.

Get three strategies proven to increase employee satisfaction.

Staffing is at a crisis point across senior care. Employee turnover is as high as 70%. But there are steps you can take to develop a more satisfied team that delivers more effective care, potentially saving you $500,000 or more. Our guide outlines three strategies to employ to support educated, empowered employees that remain on the job, doing great work they feel good about.

Find everything you need to know about walkers, wheelchairs, and canes

From the fall experts at SafelyYou and the products experts at Direct Supply comes this complete guide to mobility aids, covering everything you need to know to help residents maximize comfort and function with walkers, wheelchairs, and canes—while reducing fall risk.

Get the most effective fall prevention tips from SafelyYou experts

We’re sharing our experts’ top tips for fall prevention. And only SafelyYou has reviewed over 50k fall events, making us uniquely qualified to share insights that help prevent falls.

Make the right bed choice for better outcomes

This comprehensive guide, written in collaboration with Direct Supply, will help you make the right bed choices for improved sleep, safer transfers, and fewer falls in your community.

Remove the guesswork from unwitnessed falls.

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