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These silent falls could lead to claims of $296k per incident.

For Cadence Senior Living, a Cogir company, SafelyYou provided insight into silent falls, which meant immediate care for residents. These falls—in which residents self-recover—go unreported by the resident, and can result in injuries that go unknown or untreated, putting both the resident and community at great risk. See how SafelyYou detects these falls, helping to protect residents and communities. And preventing unfounded abuse and neglect claims resulting from injuries of unknown origin—which average $296k per closed claim.

For Avista Senior Living, innovating meant silent falls were now detected, risk of injuries of unknown origin were now mitigated.

Avista wanted to reduce falls in their communities, reducing risk and creating better outcomes for residents. So, they began a pilot with SafelyYou, providing world-leading technology and 24/7 remote clinical support to Avista residents and staff. They found that just 1% of resident falls required an ER visit, while 12% of all falls were silent falls—with the possibility for injuries to have otherwise gone unknown and untreated—experienced by 28% of residents. Download the case study to understand the full impact.

Vitality Living protects residents and revenue, preventing seven fall-related move-outs across two communities in two months and saving over $175,000 annually.

Falls are an enormous challenge across the senior living industry, and Vitality Living is no exception to that. They had memory care residents with multiple falls who were high risk—and moving out at a high rate. See how Vitality Living partnered with SafelyYou to prevent seven fall-related move-outs across two communities in two months, saving over $175,000 annually.

During the pandemic, falls in memory care were on the rise. But Eskaton cut a key fall rate in half during this time.

How did they do it? They had installed SafelyYou. So, while falls were on the rise in memory care communities across the nation, Eskaton communities were bucking the trend, reducing falls, ER visits resulting from falls, and risk of COVID-19 exposure. Download our case study for all the details.

Belmont Village Senior Living maintains exceptional rate of 4% of ER visits resulting from falls during SafelyYou expansion

While expanding SafelyYou across a total of 25 communities, Belmont Village maintained an exceptional rate of 4% of ER visits resulting from falls, compared to the industry standard of 13% for those 60 and over.

That’s 4 months without a fall-related ER visit

See how SafelyYou helped Highgate Senior Living during the critical time of the COVID-19 pandemic when ER visits were a greater risk for residents.

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