Accuracy in labor, increased profitability: Optimizing care assessments 

In care delivery today, everything anchors to a resident’s care assessment: the level of care needed, the cost to the resident to provide it, and the staffing required to support it. So, what happens when that assessment isn’t accurate or the resident’s needs change drastically? And what would the impacts be if you could optimize how and when assessments are performed? 

Watch the on-demand webinar to understand how to get care assessments right today, for more accuracy in labor and increased profitability. We’ll examine what clinician’s assessments include, how and when care levels are assigned, as well as how they’re defined by different operators. And we’ll review how to talk to families about leveling up. Finally, we’ll explore how to leverage technology and processes to support those conversations, optimize revenue, and better utilize resources.

In the Accuracy in labor, increased profitability webinar, you can expect to:
  • Understand what’s included in clinicians’ care assessments, from assistance for ADLs to mobility and fall risk assessments
  • Identify how and when care levels are assigned, as well as how they’re defined by different operators, and what triggers a change in level of care
  • Review how to talk to families about leveling up
  • Explore leveraging technology and processes for more accuracy in labor, increased profitability, and better utilized resources

Watch the webinar today:

Webinar Panelists & Moderator

Lori Asay, RN, BSN, MBA
Nurse Support Manager
Allen Flores Consulting Group

Renee Ruffo, RN-BC, QCP, CDP
Market Clinical Lead
Genesis Senior Living & Independent Communities

Heather Hallett-Duda, MBA, BSN, BA, RN
VP of Clinical Success,

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