Leveraging Room Design as a Market Differentiator to Promote Safety

There has been a lot of research conducted on how common areas in senior housing communities impact the psychological and physical wellness of residents, but there hasn’t been much focus on their personal living space. This is a missed opportunity because room design plays a large role in the safety and well-being of residents.

Our approach will help senior housing operators quickly get up to speed on best practices so they can establish their communities as leaders in room design. Operators can
use their room design expertise as a market differentiator to promote their culture of safety to families who are transitioning their loved one to senior housing, and it can even help inform the design for new developments or renovations to existing communities.

Whether you are planning for new construction/renovation, are helping with resident move-ins, or are part of direct-care staff, this whitepaper shares valuable insights for room design and safety including:

  • Fall Prevention Before Move-In
  • Optimizations for Rest and Sleep
  • Peace and Familiarity Tips
  • Navigation and Access Guides

To learn more about room design for fall prevention, download SafelyYou’s latest whitepaper, “Designing a Safe Living Space: Leveraging Room Design as a Market Differentiator To Promote Safety.”

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