Behind the SafelyYou® Fall Detection Technology

SafelyYou is a spinoff from the top-ranked Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory which strives to advance the available tools in AI and apply them to great societal concerns.

"Many members of our team share a personal connection to dementia. The project was started in 2014 by members of the Berkeley AI Research lab with families affected. We spent 2.5 years in the research setting exploring ways we could support and rigorously validating results to make sure that what we were doing really helped. This personal connection continues to drive the mission, focus, and passion of the team. There are just so many folks in need. We together as a society have to find better ways we can help."

George Netscher
SafelyYou CEO

SafelyYou Team


George Netscher
Founder and CEO
Shirley Nickels
Chief Operating Officer
Tom Bang
Chief Strategy Officer
Dr. Glen Xiong
Chief Medical Officer
Russell Burt
Vice President of Engineering
Mack Sundaram
Vice President of Sales
Raghav Subramaniam
Lead Engineer
Laura Hastings
Customer Success Manager
Scott Sawicki
Director of Marketing
Adrienne Lameray
Customer Success Manager
Nicole Murphy
Implementation Manager
Ralph Tietjen
Operations Manager
David Bramley
Senior Business Development Manager
Charles Roberson
Senior Account Executive
Scott Porter
Sales Ops Analyst
Mike Link
Sales Development Representative
Mehul Desai
Sales Development Representative
Sam Gold
Sales Development Representative
Chris Lykins
Sales Development Representative
Alex Au
DevOps Engineer

Board of Advisors


Dr. Eléonore Bayen
Researcher, Global Brain Health Institute
Trevor Darrell
Director, Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research
David Lindeman
Director, Center for Technology and Aging
Dr. Bruce Miller
Director, UCSF Memory and Aging Center
David Coluzzi
President, Carlton Senior Living
Scott Collins
President/CEO, Link-age
Kathleen Cameron
Senior Director, National Council on Aging

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