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World-leading AI plus clinicians with more fall expertise than anyone in the world

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Reduce falls and risks, increase care quality and occupancy

SafelyYou Respond™ is our original fall detection and prevention technology, proven to reduce falls by up to 40% and fall-related ER visits by up to 80%. Our AI-enabled cameras detect over 99% of on-the-ground events, and care staff is immediately notified for assistance. Only events surrounding a fall incident are recorded, so staff can review the fall video to more clearly understand how a fall happened—and how to help keep it from happening again. SafelyYou Respond™ helps communities deliver higher-quality care, drive move-ins, and avoid move-outs, saving up to $87.5k per community per year. Couple this proven innovation with insights from experienced clinicians and fall experts, using SafelyYou Insight™, to better support your staff and improve clinical outcomes. 

detection of on-the-ground events
You can trust in technology that is accurate and reliable.
fewer fall-related er visits
Communities, insurers, and families save on time and costs.
fewer falls
Residents are safer, staff can focus on quality of care, and families have greater peace of mind.

What SafelyYou Respond™ includes

Support your on-site team with insights from expert clinicians

You’ll get insight-driven clinical support for your care staff with SafelyYou Insight™. Our MDs, RNs, PTs, and OTs have analyzed more on-the-ground events than anyone in the world, developing an unmatched level of fall prevention expertise. They’ll meet with your staff in regular fall huddles and suggest interventions to help solve even your most challenging fall cases, with analytics based on over 50 data points. SafelyYou’s team extends your team, for the most effective clinical impact.

recurring fall huddles

suggested interventions

analytics based on 50+ data points

What SafelyYou Insight™ includes

Privacy and security. We have it covered.

Adherence to strict privacy standards

Cameras are only turned on in consented residents’ rooms

No live streaming

Video is processed in real-time through SafelyYou-Guardian™

No audio

No sound is recorded. Conversations stay private.

HIPAA compliant

We are HIPAA compliant and adhere to rigorous security and privacy standards.

Fall video available immediately

In the event of a fall, care staff has immediate access to the fall video to help screen for injury, assess the seriousness of the incident, and determine if a trip to the ER is required.

Only fall video saved for review

Only video surrounding fall events is stored for assessment. Everything else is immediately deleted from the system.

Why people trust in SafelyYou Respond™

Peer-reviewed, proven results

Real-time fall detection using AI-enabled video recording reduces ER visits by 80%.

Time on the ground reduced by one third using real-time video detection of falls in memory care.

Belmont Village Senior Living comprehensive fall management using new artificial intelligence program in memory care.

47% reduction in severe fall rate. In just 6 months.

See SafelyYou in action.

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Remove the guesswork from unwitnessed falls.

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