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SafelyYou helps support families in their care decision making

Taking the next step in providing care for your aging loved one is a big decision. If dementia and fall prevention are factors in picking the right senior living facility for your family member, SafelyYou can help.

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Not all senior living communities offer the same quality of care, level of safety measures, or peace of mind for you. If your loved one has dementia, they’re at a higher risk for falls—and require elevated care, including preventative fall measures. You’ll want to consider communities with strong fall management programs, like those using SafelyYou.

SafelyYou exists because we know what it’s like to have a loved one living with dementia—and we were driven to improve care and safety for them. That’s why we go beyond just fall detection, revealing the root cause of falls to help prevent future falls. 

Our approach helps communities and families:

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States with senior living communities with SafelyYou installed are shaded with the dark teal. States where communities are in the process of installing SafelyYou are shaded in lighter teal. To learn more about specific communities, please get in touch.

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