Falls in senior care have a far-reaching negative impact. The positive impact of fall reduction may reach just as far.

SafelyYou is unveiling our comprehensive Cost of Falls report, webinar, and infographic based on a survey of more than 400 executives and care providers across senior care and 1,000 Americans over 42.

We assessed approaches to fall management and the impact of falls on senior living communities and skilled nursing facilities—including how falls affect safety, staffing, costs, occupancy, and liability. And we examined how fall risk shapes both the emotional and financial well-being of families.

Now, we’re revealing the rippling effect of each fall, including:


  • The $380,000 direct annual cost of falls per community
  • The tremendous impact on staff retention, resourcing, and quality of care
  • That 85% of senior care executives report that falls significantly impact staff turnover
  • That 66% of communities recognize that reduced staffing has a direct impact on fall-related incidents
  • The often-overlooked effects on family members caring for loved ones

We found that where there is a complex crisis, there is also a great opportunity to come together to create transformative change. Although the statistics are sobering, there are solutions to improve processes, reduce risk, elevate care, and increase both safety and cost savings, all while providing better support for residents, staff, and senior care providers and greater peace of mind for families. Download for insights, strategies, and next steps.

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