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Occupancy rates are improving for some markets in senior living, with NIC predicting a recovery of pre-pandemic levels in 2024. But the increase in new residents represents an increasingly older demographic, with greater care needs. With increasing acuity for residents comes increasing risk for operators. What are the top three risks of increasing acuity in senior living? And what options do operators have for mitigating them? Read our latest blog to uncover the answers to those questions and more, including understanding how next-gen AI can break the acuity creep cycle to help solve senior living’s current staffing dilemma, alleviating resource strain and elevating care.

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Experts say follow these 4 steps to successfully mitigate fall risk

When residents haven an increased fall risk, you risk accruing costs for the outcomes. In fact, the latest CNA report states that 75% of fall claims close with payments. And experts say that 80-90% of all claims are somehow related to falls. In our latest webinar, hear from insurers, innovators, legal experts, and operators how to successfully mitigate fall risk in your communities—and what the costs are for inaction in fall prevention. They agree on 4 crucial steps to reduce fall risk and potential claims. Is your organization implementing them?

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Better mitigate risk for better outcomes

See how to reduce risk in senior living with consistent wellness checks, including creating unexpected safety improvements tied directly to staff satisfaction—which is driven by more engagement with residents, developed in part during resident rounding. And see how to increase both wellness checks and their benefits without adding any additional staff.

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Reduce risk in senior living with these quick-to-train strategies

Director of Clinical Success Laura Hastings, OTR/L, shares proven fall prevention strategies from SafelyYou’s team of clinicans—who have analyzed over 100k fall incidents. Use these simple, successful, data-driven tactics to train your team, and help create a culture of fall prevention in your communities.

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By 2030, falls will cost $11 billion per year.

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Vitality Living protects residents and revenue, preventing seven fall-related move-outs across two communities in two months and saving over $175,000 annually.

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