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Understanding fall patterns is part of fall prevention

Nov 17, 2021
Watch our latest webinar to learn about fall patterns in senior living, including how time of day plays a role in fall events. For example, do you know the connection between napping and falls? Watch the webinar to find out. We cover that and more, with discussions around sundowning and fall frequency, medication management, and how shift changes and resident rounding impact falls.

In 81% of falls, a mobility aid is present. We can help reduce risk.

Oct 20, 2021
Mobility aids play a role in falls—and fall prevention. That’s why our October National Fall Huddle is all about walkers, wheelchairs, and canes, covering everything you need to know to use them safely and reduce fall risk.

September National Fall Huddle: We’re talking tech and fall management

Sep 22, 2021
It’s part of our celebration of Falls Prevention Awareness Week—and this free webinar takes place on the first day of fall. Direct Supply’s Clinical Director, Liz Jensen, will join us for a conversation about the role and advantages of technology in fall management. You can earn 1 NAB or nursing CEU for attending.

The Better Bed Solution: Improved Sleep, Safer Transfers, Fewer Falls

Aug 25, 2021
Kari Harbaugh, Direct Supply’s Product Consultant, joins the SafelYou fall experts for this session to discuss how a person-centered approach to bed size, type, and features can promote better quality sleep, safer transfers, and fewer falls.

20+ Interventions Uncovered with 15K Witnessed Falls

Jul 21, 2021
You asked. We’re delivering. In this National Fall Huddle Webinar Series session, we’re jumping right into the case studies of fall events from across the country to share best practices for fall prevention from witnessing over 15K+ fall events. You’ll gain helpful tips that you can implement immediately.

Uncovering the Winning Partnership of Resident Engagement and Technology

Jul 06, 2021
Shirley Nickels, COO of SafelyYou, and Sara Padilla, Vice President of Resident Care of Merrill Gardens, join Linked Senior’s webinar on Tuesday, 7/6. Join to see how resident engagement can reduce falls, driven by technology.

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