SafelyYou Webinars


Kari Harbaugh, Direct Supply’s Product Consultant, joins the SafelYou fall experts for this session to discuss how a person-centered approach to bed size, type, and features can promote better quality sleep, safer transfers, and fewer falls
You asked. We're delivering. In this National Fall Huddle Webinar Series session, we're jumping right into the case studies of fall events from across the country to share best practices for fall prevention from witnessing over 15K+ fall events. You'll gain helpful tips that you can implement immediately.
Shirley Nickels, COO of SafelyYou, and Sara Padilla, Vice President of Resident Care of Merrill Gardens, join Linked Senior's webinar on Tuesday, 7/6. Join to see how resident engagement can reduce falls, driven by technology.
This special National Fall Huddle session was recorded during Alzheimer's & Brain Awareness Month. The fall experts at SafelyYou were joined by Juliet Holt Klinger, Senior Director of Dementia Care and Programs at Brookdale Senior Living, to discuss "Dementia: Through their Eyes" and how uncovering unmet needs for those living
Technology is not the "end all, be all" problem-solver, but in this webinar with partner, Church Mutual Insurance Company, S.I. (a stock insurer)1, we’ll share how to find the right balance of digital and human interactions to maximize your investment, elevate your programs while reducing risks, and produce results.
Fall prevention starts even before a resident moves in to a senior living community. Families often have the best intentions when selecting favorite furniture and items to make the loved one feel at home through the transition to assisted living. However, we know too well that what may have worked
Learn how staff rounding can elevate your fall programming and staff engagement. We highlight tools that are available to implement effective wellness checks in your community, and share tips for fall prevention to apply to your communities.
Learn how fall huddles, led by fall champions, are crucial to preventing future falls. We discuss the leadership role Fall Champions take to conduct In-Service Fall Training for all community staff.
Special guest, Melissa Dillon, Director of Garden House at Merrill Gardens, shares how she reduces falls by applying learnings from fall video review in Merrill Gardens SafelyYou communities to those communities that still have unwitnessed falls in the bedroom.

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