Reduce severe fall rate by 54%. In just 4 months.

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SafelyYou helps senior living communities reduce falls and retain residents

For Sonida Senior Living, SafelyYou reduced severe fall rate by 54%. In just 4 months. And did it while residents opting into SafelyYou services increased over 63% across 5 communities. When falls did occur, only 3% resulted in an ER visit or potential injury, compared to the industry average of 20% for potential serious injury.1 This meant dramatic reductions in costs and risk for families and communities. And keeping residents out of the ER drives retention—and revenue.

Sonida's 4-Month Fall Rate Reduction

Reducing ER visits can drive resident retention

Preventing falls—especially those with the potential for an ER visit—reduces stress for residents and reduces costs for families and communities. The average cost of a fall for an operator is over $5k.2 And out-of-pocket costs for a trip to the ER can result in families spending up to $2,907 or more per visit.3 When 1 in 7 move-outs is fall-related,4 having residents stay safer and stay out of the ER—and having money stay in families’ pockets—means residents stay in your communities. This longer length of stay means higher NOI for you.

Impact of falls without SafelyYou

of residents have at least 3 falls per year5
1 in 7
move-outs is fall-related
Every 11 seconds
an older adult is treated in the ER for a fall6

Impact of ER visits

of older adults return to the ER following a fall-related ER visit7
ER fees
vary widely, and are increasing faster than overall healthcare costs

More accurate reporting,
increased compliance

SafelyYou’s AI-enabled sensors capture and reveal critical fall details, empowering staff to better understand how and why falls occur—and document them more accurately. Lisa Kuykendall, Sonida’s Regional Clinical Director says, “In addition to significantly reducing our fall rate and fall-related ER visits, SafelyYou helps us with the accuracy of incident reporting and enables more accurate QA of falls.”

Driving critical change for communities

By reducing severe fall rate and maintaining a remarkably low fall-related ER send-out rate, SafelyYou helped Sonida keep residents safer, and keep them in their communities. This meant improved quality of care—and quality of life—for residents. It also meant reduced costs, risk, and stress for communities and families. SafelyYou drove these results for Sonida, and we can drive them for your organization, too. To learn more, reach out to us at [email protected].

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