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Six expert answers about value-based care in skilled nursing and senior living

The senior living industry is abuzz with talk about value-based care. But you may be unclear about the different types of models—or where to get started in a value-based care world. We brought together the experts who are leading the industry’s transition from FFS to VBC, to help you understand what it is, where to begin, and how to maximize value in value-based care.

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State of Falls Report Blog Post - image

SafelyYou releases inaugural 2022 State of Falls report

The report deepens our understanding of both how Americans feel about aging and falling, and the true impact falls have on adults residing in—and out—of senior living communities. Because with a greater understanding of a problem we can work towards more effective, transformative solutions.

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By 2030, falls will cost $11 billion per year.

The world-leader in AI-powered fall prevention.

Vitality Living protects residents and revenue, preventing seven fall-related move-outs across two communities in two months and saving over $175,000 annually.

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The Inaugural

2022 State of
Falls Report

From Crisis to Opportunity:

Coming Together to Create

Transformative Change

Remove the guesswork from unwitnessed falls.

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