The Inaction & Cost Connection: Mitigating Fall Risk in Senior Living

See why investing in fall prevention is a savings method. And just how much inaction can cost you.

As a key stakeholder in the senior living industry, residents’ well-being—and the financial well-being of communities—are critical to your success. And when residents have an increased risk, you risk accruing costs for the outcomes, including the use of emergency services, the move to higher levels of care, and a move from communities altogether. In fact, research shows that 1 in 4 falls results in a move to a higher level of care, and 1 in 7 move-outs is fall-related. So, what happens when you don’t take steps to reduce these risks? Residents’ care needs increase, your costs grow, and your margins shrink. Investing in fall prevention saves on costs; not taking action costs more. That’s the inaction & cost connection. 


Join us for a panel discussion including insurers, innovators, and operators to explore solutions to successfully mitigate fall risk in senior living and surpass industry benchmarks for care quality, occupancy, and NOI. We’ll be sharing insights from our analysis of more than 100,000 fall events in senior living—data only SafelyYou has—that will empower you to take action today, leveraging proven interventions and world-leading innovation to keep residents safer and your costs lower, improving well-being for residents and financial health for communities and other stakeholders across the senior living ecosystem. Like you.

In the Inaction & Cost Connection webinar, you can expect to:
  • Hear from experienced attorneys specializing in senior living law regarding the legal implications of fall-related incidents, including how proactive fall prevention can help mitigate risks and each panelist’s perspective on addressing real-life examples
  • Engage in a dynamic discussion with our panel of experts, posing your questions to be answered during the webinar
  • Review case studies to evaluate solutions and assess the impact of not investing in fall prevention measures
Watch the on-demand webinar today:

Webinar Panelists & Moderator

Austin Elkin
Senior Vice President, Healthcare Professional Liability, Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance

Joel Goldman
Hanson Bridgett LLP

Holly McMurray
Executive VP of Care & Compliance,
 Cogir Senior Living

George Netscher 
Founder & CEO,

The Inaugural

2022 State of
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