Hear from the leaders helping the industry succeed with value-based care

They’re the VPs, MDs, and CEOs who are driving senior living’s transition from FFS to VBC, embracing new models, building new strategic partnerships, and establishing the path forward for the rest of the industry. In this webinar you’ll hear their perspectives on the risks and benefits, learn from their experiences through the transition, and understand what you need to do to get started in a value-based care world.

Watch our webinar as we:

  • give meaning to VBC lingo, helping you understand who and what will help you reduce risk and deliver higher-quality care for the greatest returns
  • break down the different care models and their benefits
  • define delegated risk and its impact
  • explore the role technology will play and how innovation will be more accessible
  • outline VBC’s contribution to business and clinical success

Webinar Panelists & Moderators (full bios below)

  • Gabe Waterman, MD, MBA, Vice President, National Integrated Primary Care, SCAN Health Plan
  • Lauren Marra, MBA, Vice President, SNP Solutions, Optum
  • Matt Kinne, Vice President, Growth & Partnerships, Lifespark
  • Tony Gamboa, MD, MBA, CMD, Chief Growth & Innovation Officer, Curana Health
  • Tom Bang, Chief Strategy Officer, SafelyYou
  • Sevy Petras, CEO & Co-Founder, Priority Life Care

Watch our webinar today:

Webinar Panelists & Moderators

Before entering Senior Housing operations, Sevy’s investment banking career spans a decade of lending and structuring debt solutions for senior housing and health care. She began her career in Public Finance at Natcity Investments in Cleveland, Ohio, and later relocated to Chicago as an SVP for 53rd Securities. She joined Merrill Lynch Capital to focus solely on balance sheet lending in Senior Housing. After the economy’s collapse in 2009, she and her family changed their career direction. They saw a larger need in the affordable and publicly funded sector, as the growing demands in senior housing lacked private pay funds. They set out to build a platform that focused on providing an alternative long-term care solution to those on Medicaid programs throughout the US. She translated her banking experience to focus on identifying viable properties, producing lenders and investors pro forms and budgets that proved turnaround plans, as well as assisting in securing and structuring debt for the properties in geographic areas that support alternatives to private pay assisted living.

Priority Life Care owns and third-party manages Assisted Living and Memory Care communities. Their focus and expertise have been on buildings requiring significant turnaround, including licensing, rehab, additions of specialty care units, and census growth. As a family-owned and operated business, she, her family, and the Management team have worked to create a family-centric model that permeates to the building level. Sevy, as CEO, is also charged with leading the company in pursuit of its purpose to Support Independence. She strives to empower and inspire her Management team and Community level employees to be mindful of the importance of their roles in serving their residents in their homes daily.

Sevy earned her BA and Master of Public Administration, MPA Public Finance, from the University of Akron.

Sevy Petras, MBA
CEO & Co-Founder
Priority Life Care

Matt Kinne
Vice President, Growth & Partnerships

Culture is the fuel that ignites individuals every day and it’s Matt’s passion to spark that energy to change the aging experience for people. That’s why he invests so much in building the strengths and capabilities of every individual at Lifespark. He’s learned that to improve outcomes for clients you first must put your people at the center of everything you do.

Matt has over 25 years of operational leadership experience in the senior care industry. Prior to joining Lifespark, Matt was the Administrator and Director of the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation

Institute. In addition to leading the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute Golden Valley Campus, he had operational leadership responsibilities for the Inpatient Rehabilitation Programs at Abbott Northwestern and United Hospitals as well as the post-acute strategy for Allina Health. Matt’s previous experience includes serving as the Campus Administrator for Sholom Community Alliance, Walker Methodist and Minnesota Masonic Homes. Throughout his career, Matt has led the state’s largest skilled nursing facilities, senior communities and service providers. Matt holds a bachelor’s in healthcare administration from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire, master’s in business administration from Cardinal Stritch University, and a Certificate from the Executive Healthcare Leadership Program at Cornell University.

Matt has served as adjunct faculty for the University of Wisconsin –Eau Claire, Healthcare Administration program since 2004.

As Chief Growth and Innovation Officer, Dr. Antonio Gamboa is responsible for the overall corporate strategy and growth of Curana Health. In this position, Dr. Gamboa leads business development for our medical group and Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans. He also oversees marketing, strategy, and business analytics.

Born and raised in El Paso, Texas, Dr. Gamboa later attended the University of Texas at El Paso, where he received his Bachelor of Science degree. In 2001, he completed his medical school studies at the University of Texas at Galveston, then left Texas to complete his residency in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics in Phoenix, Arizona. In 2015, he returned to the University of Texas at Austin to complete his Executive Master of Business Administration.

Prior to transitioning his focus to the exclusive service of senior residents, Dr. Gamboa worked as a hospitalist in Austin, Texas where he met Dr. Paula Requeijo. Together, they established a legacy practice called Elite Patient Care in 2010, which would later serve as the foundation for the formation of the Curana Health Medical Group.

Dr. Gamboa served as the President and lead operator for the newly formed clinical practice until his recent transition into the Chief of Growth and Innovation. During his tenure, as CEO and President he successfully helped to establish the second largest Post-Acute and Long-Term Care independent practice in the US.

Tony Gamboa, MD, MBA, CMD
Growth & Innovation Officer
Curana Health

Gabriel Waterman, MD, MBA
Vice President, National Integrated Primary Care
SCAN Health Plan

Gabriel Waterman is Vice President of Integrated Primary Care at SCAN Health Plan. Gabriel works with key stakeholders to develop SCAN’s integrated care delivery strategy and leads SCAN’s Mobile Care Team of physicians and nurse practitioners. Gabriel has deep experience in value-based care. Prior to joining SCAN, he served as Regional Medical Officer at CareMore Health, where he led national clinical quality and population health initiatives and managed more than 50 clinicians across hospital, ambulatory, and mobile-based care teams in the Los Angeles area. Gabriel is a practicing internist at SCAN and is an Adjunct Clinical Instructor at USC’s Keck School of Medicine. He received degrees in medicine and business from the University of Southern California.

Tom Bang is a digital healthcare technology executive focused on the senior living, longevity space. An accomplished Baxter International and Cardinal Health senior executive, he currently serves as the Chief Strategy Officer at SafelyYou, a spin-out from UC Berkeley’s Artificial Intelligence Research Laboratory. SafelyYou uses artificial intelligence to enable privacy-compliant camera technology enabling person-centered fall prevention for senior care providers. As CEO, he has led later-stage and transitioning enterprises to market dominance and financial success, resulting in numerous profitable exits. Tom is personally committed to providing quality senior living care & understanding how technology impacts seniors. He also owns & operates four assisted living communities. He earned his BBA from The Ohio State University and completed his MBA studies at Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

Tom Bang
Chief Strategy Officer

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