Milestone Retirement Expands SafelyYou After Reducing Fall Volume by 64% and Fall Severity by 65% in Just 5 Months, All While Resident Opt-ins Grew

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This impressive reduction in fall volume and severity means increased well-being for residents and decreased costs for families and communities

When falls did occur, only 2.9% resulted in an ER visit, compared to the industry average of 20%

June 04, 2024 01:13 PM Eastern Daylight Time

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Milestone Retirement, one of the fastest-growing senior living operators with 100+ years of combined industry and hospitality leadership experience, announced their decision to expand SafelyYou, the leader in empowering safer, more person-centered care across senior living through world-leading AI, industry-changing hardware, and remote expert clinicians. With the expansion, SafelyYou will serve 10 additional Milestone communities.

“SafelyYou delivered above and beyond our expectations—and our expectations were set very high”

Milestone chose SafelyYou because of its unique combination of breakthrough innovation and unmatched clinical expertise, with a proven ability to reduce falls and elevate care. Falls are a leading cause of injury and death among older adults, and can be the beginning of serious health decline for seniors.

More residents. Fewer and less severe falls.

While more residents were opting into SafelyYou’s services, SafelyYou reduced both the volume and severity of the falls taking place, by 64% and 65% respectively, across two communities. And they did it in just five months.

Severe falls are those more likely to result in an injury or ER visit, increasing risks and costs for residents and families. Yet, only 2.9% of falls resulted in an ER visit for Milestone communities, compared to the industry average of 20%.

This all leads to improved outcomes, increased quality of life, and reduced stress for residents, as well as cost savings for families and communities. When costs are reduced for families and safety is improved for residents, seniors can stay in their communities longer, continuing to receive the high-quality care senior living offers. For operators, this means improved occupancy and increased LOS, helping them meet their financial goals.

“SafelyYou delivered above and beyond our expectations—and our expectations were set very high,” said Milestone Owner and CEO Caryl Ridgeway. “Now we can not only reduce the number of falls occurring but also reduce how severe those falls are, and help ensure families can keep loved ones in the communities they trust to care for them. That’s invaluable.”

SafelyYou Founder and CEO George Netscher added, “We’re incredibly excited about the results we’ve seen with Milestone and this next phase of our partnership with them. Any time we can reduce falls and fall severity, helping to improve outcomes for residents and take some of the financial weight off families, we’re in step with our mission, and this expansion is another opportunity to deliver on that.”

About Milestone Retirement

Milestone Retirement operates 22 senior living communities across 7 states with corporate offices in Vancouver, WA and Oklahoma City, OK. Recently purchased by Caryl Ridgeway in July of 2023, Milestone aims to set a new bar for operational excellence. Their new mission statement, “Re-Imagining the way we age”, sets the tone for what this new ownership seeks to accomplish. Milestone operates a range of care types from Independent Living, Assisted Living and Memory Care services.

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About SafelyYou

Originating in 2015 as the doctoral research of CEO George Netscher—and inspired by his own family’s experience with Alzheimer’s disease—SafelyYou was spun out of UC Berkeley’s Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, one of the top five AI research groups in the world. The company began by addressing the crucial issue of resident falls in senior living with SafelyYou Respond™, consistently achieving remarkable results for communities, reducing falls by 40% and fall-related ER visits by 80%. Now, SafelyYou also solves senior living’s staffing dilemma with SafelyYou Clarity™, offering an industry-first for automatic and accurate care tracking and empowering operators to align labor to residents’ needs, improving both operations and quality of care.

All of this is done as part of SafelyYou’s passionate mission, which is to empower safer, more person-centered care across senior living through world-leading AI, industry-changing sensors, and remote expert clinicians.

SafelyYou is used by assisted living communities and skilled nursing facilities in 34 states across the country—from the largest national organizations to regional and local ones, too. SafelyYou is one of five most innovative fall technologies referenced in the Senate Falls Report (2019), a winner of the McKnight’s Tech Partner of the Year award, and has been named to Fortune’s Impact 20 list.

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