How to Retain Residents and Increase Length of Stay in Senior Housing

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Senior housing occupancy reached a record low of 78.8% in the first quarter of 2021, according to new NIC MAP® data. Since many communities are currently struggling, it is the perfect time to take a closer look at Carlton Senior Living, which is beating the odds and extending residents’ length of stay by 2X because they are staying safe and keeping out of the hospital with SafelyYou’s fall-detection technology.  

Carlton began beta testing SafelyYou’s artificial intelligence-enabled camera technology in 2018. After three short months, Carlton reduced falls by 31% and was 61% less likely to call emergency services when a video of a resident fall was available for review. 

The additional safety measures are appealing to families and impacted new resident move-ins. In 2018, 43 new residents used SafelyYou upon move-in compared to 33 new residents, who didn’t use the technology. And the SafelyYou residents’ mean length of stay was 15.3 months compared to 7.5 months for non-SafelyYou residents. 

Fast forward to 2021 and Carlton is continuing to leverage SafelyYou in all seven of its memory care communities. Occupancy has remained strong throughout the pandemic because Carlton has successfully demonstrated how SafelyYou reduces resident falls and emergency room visits and elevates the overall standard of care. 

Reducing Falls and ER Visits: Since implementing SafelyYou, Carlton’s ER visits have dropped significantly because the direct-care staff can review a video of the fall and know immediately if a resident hit their head or if they intentionally lowered themselves to the ground. This is a huge win for Carlton, because they aren’t sending residents to the ER and potentially exposing them to COVID-19. ER visits are stressful and expensive for families, so the technology also alleviates their anxiety.

Elevating Standard of Care: The Carlton team holds bi-monthly fall huddle meetings with SafelyYou experts, who share different perspectives based on more than 14,000 observed on-the-ground fall events. They review incidents and analyze the root cause of falls, discuss if there should be a change in medications, evaluate the need for occupational therapy, etc. By addressing these issues with a multi-disciplinary approach, preventative measures can be put in place to reduce future falls. 

Leveraging SafelyYou as a Point of Differentiation: SafelyYou has become a competitive advantage for Carlton. In 2020, 93% of residents opted into SafelyYou, and the technology has become a top selling point on family tours. Since SafelyYou reports 99.6% fall detection accuracy, families know their loved ones will be safe.

Learn How to Reduce Falls and Increase Length of Stay in Your Community

To learn more about how Carlton is leveraging SafelyYou, download the whitepaper, Senior Housing: How to Retain Residents and Increase Length of Stay. For more information about reducing falls in your community, contact [email protected].

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