5/25 Webinar with Church Mutual: How to Maximize Your Technology Investment

5/25 Webinar with Church Mutual: How to Maximize Your Technology Investment

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This Tuesday, 5/25, Ann Olson, Senior Living Risk Control Specialist with Church Mutual, joins Shirley Nickels, SafelyYou COO, and Laura Hastings, SafelyYou Director of Care Services, to discuss how to find the right balance of digital and human interactions to maximize your investment, elevate your programs while reducing risks, and produce results. Register now.

Ann has worked for Church Mutual as a senior living risk control specialist since 2015, collaborating with clients to implement risk-control service plans, researching best practices for accident and injury prevention and developing resource materials for Church Mutual staff and clients.

You’ve heard about technological advances in senior living. But how does technology fit within a comprehensive program? And once you’ve adopted the technology, how do you maximize these innovations beyond the initial “wow” factor? We’ll cover how to assess your fall programs and how to leverage technology to go beyond detection and how it can be leveraged for reducing fall risks through the timely orchestration of digital and human interactions. You’ll learn best practices for adopting, training, and ultimately, elevating programs centered around technology.

Administrators: NAB CE is available for this session. This program has been approved for Continuing Education for 1 total participant hour by NAB/NCERS — Approval #20220524-1-A75007-DL.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Review most common gaps in fall programs and how to evaluate technology to solve them
  • Learn best practices for digital and human touchpoints to maximize your technology investment
  • See how AI-technology is helping to reduce the risk of falls and ER visits for senior living fall management programs

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