National Fall Huddle: Resident Room Design for Fall Prevention

Tips for move-in to environmental sweeps and beyond

all prevention starts even before a resident moves into a senior living community. Families often have the best intentions when selecting favorite furniture and items to make the loved one feel at home through the transition to assisted living. However, we know too well that what may have worked then is not necessarily best in their new environment. In this session, we’ll not only discuss best practices for these move-in discussions with families but also tips to make room design adjustments throughout their stay — from clear pathways for mobility aid use to lighting considerations to making commonly used items such as glasses or the television remote easily accessible. 

Join us, along with special guest Erin Berry, Director of Interior Design with Direct Supply Aptura, to learn how room design can significantly impact resident safety and actions you can take immediately to help reduce falls in your communities. We’ll highlight tools that are available for move-in discussions, room design planning, and environmental sweeps. As always, we’ll also conduct two new live fall huddles to share tips for fall prevention to apply to your communities. Bring your questions for the experts. 

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Receive tips for family move-in discussions to start fall prevention even before day one
  • Learn best practices for room design based on 14K+ on-the-ground video reviews
  • Review all available fall prevention tools for each stage of care
  • Observe in three live fall huddles
  • See the open Q&A with our expert panelists

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