National Fall Huddle: Maximizing Wellness Checks

Using staff rounding for fall prevention

Are you making the most out of your regular resident wellness checks?

While mandatory and commonplace in hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, staff rounding in assisted living does not share the same requirements, which has led to a limitation of resources to effectively implement. These regular resident checkins are optimal times to ensure not only resident comfort, but resident safety. Maximizing these checkins and developing and implementing a person-centered wellness check or rounding process in your community can lead to reduced falls, more efficient use of staff time, and happier, safer residents.

Join us to learn how staff rounding can elevate your fall programming and staff engagement. We’ll highlight tools that are available to implement effective wellness checks in your community, and as always, conduct new live fall huddles to share tips for fall prevention to apply to your communities. 

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Learn how wellness checks can be an effective tool to ensure resident safety
  • Understand how to use short in-service opportunities to implement staff rounding in your communities
  • Review examples to see the impact a structured resident checkin process can make
  • Participate in two live fall huddles
  • See Q&A with our expert panelists

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