SafelyYou Integrates with NOTIFY to Empower Senior Living Communities with Cutting-Edge Technology to Heighten Fall Prevention and Response Times

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Integration streamlines caregiver notifications to increase efficiency, improve effectiveness and reduce alert fatigue to enhance overall quality of care.

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Every second, an older American experiences a fall, and for senior living communities, falls put residents at risk, impact labor issues and drive significant costs. According to the SafelyYou 2022 State of Falls Report, falls are costing communities $380,000 per year on average – $5,000 per resident fall with an injury – and 85% of senior care executives found that falls significantly impact staff turnover.

In order to combat these issues and improve fall prevention and response, SafelyYou, the leader in empowering safer, more person-centered dementia care through real-time AI video technology and 24/7 remote clinical experts, today announced a partnership integration with NOTIFY, the leading provider of integrated senior living solutions. Through this partnership, senior communities can send crucial fall alerts to on-site staff through the NOTIFY platform.

“Through the power of interconnection, NOTIFY combines data from existing technologies into one view for improved resident care and streamlined operations,” explains Greg Robertson, General Manager of NOTIFY. “We are very excited about our partnership with SafelyYou to offer AI fall management with real-time precision to our clients, directly from our integrative connectivity hub.”

SafelyYou’s integration with NOTIFY will provide seamless fall detection alerts for senior living communities, allowing caregivers to receive important notifications through the most convenient channels. For NOTIFY users, SafelyYou’s AI-enabled cameras will immediately alert care staff when a fall happens with over 99% accuracy. Once caregivers have viewed the alert and checked on the resident, they have the option to review fall video through the SafelyYou DiscoverTM portal to determine the cause of a fall, whether emergency care is needed, and what other interventions can be taken to prevent future falls. For communities with SafelyYou, this has resulted in 80% fewer fall-related ER visits and 40% fewer falls.

“There is a level of immediacy required when caring for seniors, and a crucial part of this integration is to provide senior care operations the tools and insight they need to respond as quickly as possible to resident needs, specifically a fall,” said Shirley Nickels, Chief Operating Officer at SafelyYou. “We’re excited about this partnership with NOTIFY and the impact it can have on residents, their families, and caregivers at senior living communities nationwide.”

The SafelyYou/NOTIFY integration has already been implemented in senior living communities across the U.S., including communities owned and operated by New Perspective. On-site staff is experiencing improved communication and fall reduction due to using both NOTIFY and SafelyYou in tandem.


NOTIFY is the leading integrative choice in senior living, across the continuum. Headquartered in Minnesota, NOTIFY has been optimizing operations and elevating resident care in senior living communities for nearly a decade.

Through the power of interconnection, NOTIFY integrates with existing senior living systems to standardize care, improve outcomes, and alleviate caregiver fatigue through real-time data and detailed analytics. By seamlessly pulling data from existing systems all into one platform view, NOTIFY equips operators and teams with rich data to improve outcomes, drive better decisions, and increase bottom lines.

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