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“We’re not just sending alarms or telling staff that an individual has fallen, we’re giving staff superhuman abilities to staff for the first time. We’re enabling staff to identify exactly how falls are happening and what steps can be taken to improve care for each individual resident.”
– George Netscher, SafelyYou CEO

In Argentum’s latest magazine issue, George is featured alongside Tom Paprocki, Managing Director of our partner, Direct Supply’s Innovation and Technology Center. They discuss artificial intelligence and its impact in senior living communities.  The interesting read is entitled, “AI Solutions Are Transforming Every Aspect of Senior Living.”

“A successful AI solution requires data, time for a system to learn and evolve, and a clear way to make its expertise actionable. SafelyYou has been effective because it has utilized all three.”
– Tom Paprocki, Managing Director Direct Supply Innovation and Technology Center

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