Carlton Senior Living in Davis

SafelyYou deploys at first facility: Carlton Davis

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Here at SafelyYou, we are excited to announce that we have deployed at Carlton Senior Living in Davis, California as our first facility! This community has been incredibly supportive of our mission and is dedicated to reducing fall rates and improving overall well-being for their memory care residents. We have enrolled a third of their memory care residents for our study and are enthusiastic about the potential to improve care.

With their continued support and encouragement, we hope to not only reduce current fall rates, but build systems to adequately prevent falls in the future. We are continuously learning during this process and greatly value the input from residents and staff we have been getting to build a system to meet their needs.

Of the deployment, Carlton Davis Executive Director Amber Gustafson, stated, “Carlton Senior Living is honored to be a part of the UC Berkeley Study on Fall Prevention Systems. Carlton is always looking for ways to reduce falls and hospital visits for our residents suffering from dementia. We are hopeful that this study will be one more avenue in assisting our residents with fall prevention, giving them the best quality of life possible”.

SafelyYou is dedicated to the unique needs that dementia patients face in their daily lives. With the use of use of video footage, monthly fall reviews with management, and continuous feedback from residents and their families we are determined to improve the quality of life for those living with dementia. SafelyYou is hard at work deploying at other California communities and we look forward to working with facilities and families to improve the health and wellbeing for those living with dementia.

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