Cadence Senior Living Leverages SafelyYou to Revolutionize Memory Care Safety, Mitigate Risk, and Improve Resident Outcomes

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SafelyYou’s AI video technology revealed 1 in 5 previously undetected on-the-ground events were silent falls, which could result in claims of $296k per incident

SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cadence Senior Living, a Cogir company, today announced the results of their pilot with SafelyYou, the leader in empowering safer, more person-centered dementia care through real-time AI video technology and 24/7 remote clinical experts.

“What we saw with the fall videos was so eye-opening—the falls that we didn’t know about before or the potential for injury. Now, we not only see them, we can respond more effectively. SafelyYou helps us mitigate risk for our residents and our communities.”

Cadence Senior Living sought to address the critical need for a safer environment, improved resident outcomes, and reduced risk of resident falls. After implementing SafelyYou‘s breakthrough Respond™ technology and Insight™ service across 150 memory care beds in seven of Cadence’s North Carolina communities during a successful 90-day pilot program, they discovered crucial insights to help their communities mitigate risk and prevent future falls.

Gaining Crucial Insights with SafelyYou

Falls are a leading cause of injury and death among older adults, and for senior living communities, falls put residents at risk, impact labor issues and drive significant costs. SafelyYou’s AI video technology, coupled with 24/7 remote clinical support, has been proven to deliver remarkable results for senior care communities, reducing fall-related emergency room rates by an astounding 80% and falls themselves by 40%.

Through SafelyYou, Cadence was able to gain invaluable insights and unprecedented visibility into silent falls, where residents fall and recover independently. The pilot program identified key statistics:

  • 47% of previously undetected falls had possible injury
  • 1 in 5 fall events were silent falls, putting both the resident and community at risk
  • 27% of silent falls involved possible head injury, which may have gone undetected without SafelyYou’s technology

SafelyYou immediately notifies staff of silent falls, enabling care teams to get residents the right care faster. By having direct insight into these incidents, communities can avoid potential unfounded abuse and neglect claims resulting from injuries of unknown origin. Costs for these claims, according to the 2022 CNA Aging Services Report, average $296,000 per incident.

Praise for SafelyYou’s Impact

Holly McMurray, Executive Vice President of Care & Compliance at Cogir Senior Living, said, “What we saw with the fall videos was so eye-opening—the falls that we didn’t know about before or the potential for injury. Now, we not only see them, we can respond more effectively. SafelyYou helps us mitigate risk for our residents and our communities.”

Ray Oborn, Executive Vice President of American Healthcare REIT, shared his enthusiasm, saying, “With SafelyYou, we saw an opportunity to be an early adopter of an innovative AI video technology solution that helps mitigate risk for us at our facilities while simultaneously supporting better outcomes and a safer environment for the residents in our communities.”

Mitigating Risk for Communities

George Netscher, founder and CEO of SafelyYou, added, “We know greater clarity into falls goes hand-in-hand with improved outcomes for residents. For Cadence, we were able to reveal silent falls, which can be so detrimental to both the residents and the community. We’re thrilled to support Cadence in mitigating this type of risk, creating safer environments where residents get the right care sooner.”

About Cadence Senior Living

Cadence Living owns and/or operates communities throughout the “Southern Smile” states from the West Coast along the South to the Mid-Atlantic. What sets Cadence apart is the company’s devoted approach to creating healthy, vibrant communities that offer residents exceptional independent living, assisted living and memory care lifestyle options. The name “Cadence” underlines the company’s personal philosophy that each community should aspire, create and respond to life’s natural rhythms to enliven and enrich the experience of residents. For more information on Cadence Living, visit

About American Healthcare REIT, Inc.

American Healthcare REIT, Inc., a self-managed, publicly registered, healthcare real estate investment trust, owns and manages a diverse portfolio of healthcare real estate assets totaling approximately 19.4 million square feet, with a gross investment value of approximately $4.3 billion. As of June 30, 2023, this international portfolio includes 300 properties comprised of medical office buildings, senior housing communities, skilled nursing facilities, and other real estate-related investments across 36 states. For more information on American Healthcare REIT, please visit

About SafelyYou

Originating in 2015 as the doctoral research of CEO George Netscher—and inspired by his own family’s experience with Alzheimer’s disease—SafelyYou was spun out of UC Berkeley’s Artificial Intelligence Research Lab, one of the top five AI research groups in the world. The company’s passionate mission is to empower safer, more person-centered dementia care through world-leading, real-time AI video technology and 24/7 remote clinical experts. SafelyYou is used by skilled nursing facilities and assisted living communities all across North America—from the largest national organizations to regional and local ones, too. SafelyYou is one of five most innovative fall technologies referenced in the Senate Falls Report (2019).

SafelyYou gives a voice to those living with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Its AI-video technology sees critical care moments in real-time, detecting 99% of on-the-ground events. SafelyYou’s remote clinical experts have seen more falls and on-the-ground events than anyone in the world, enabling a level of predictive, person-centered dementia care that was never before possible. SafelyYou is solving a critical problem across senior care and making an impact by reducing falls by 40% and fall-related ER visits by 80%.

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These silent falls could lead to claims of $296k per incident.

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