Meet Kayla Neria, our latest Fall Champion Hero!

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SafelyYou is pleased to introduce you to Kayla Neria! Kayla was selected from a pool of nominations for our February Fall Champion Hero! Kayla has been a dedicated Care Partner at Carlton Senior Living – Davis (CA) for 2 years.

“Kayla responds to fall notifications quickly and effectively, consistently lowering to the ground to comfort residents until additional help arrives – and under any and all circumstances,” shares Ben Slade, Memory Care Director, Carlton Senior Living. “Kayla willingly goes above and beyond, having stepped up to work directly with residents battling COVID,” Ben added.

We’re pleased to send a gift of $50 for Ben to present to Kayla. Thank you, Kayla!

Help us find and celebrate these true heroes They are true heroes, who work tirelessly to create and maintain a safe environment for a family’s loved one. Nominate someone in your community. Tell us why they excel and succeed and share your unique stories.

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