Top 5 fall prevention tactics you can train in 15 minutes

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As part of this month’s National Fall Huddle, SafelyYou clinical experts are training senior care’s trainers—and everyone else dedicated to fall prevention—on the Top 5 Fall Prevention Tactics You Can Train in 15 minutes. We know that care providers have limited time to offer effective training programs. We also know that 78% of falls occur between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m. and the most common location for fall events is by the bed. 

So, we developed these quick-to-train tactics, empowering care providers to in-service staff in a short amount of time and help reduce the risk of unwitnessed falls by the bedside. These strategies were developed by analyzing over 9,000 falls. In this session, the SafelyYou team will give you insight into how to implement a 15-minute training, including:

  • Mobility aid placement
  • Proper resident positioning in bed
  • Assessing bed height 
  • Confirming resident preferences, toileting, and access 
  • Assessing resident mood and readiness for bed

. In this free webinar you can expect to:

  • Identify top 5 prevention tactics
  • Develop a 15-minute in-service
  • Review successful case studies

We’ll also review case studies, and our expert panel will take your questions. You can earn 1 NAB or nursing CEU for attending. Register now to join us.

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