SafelyYou partners with LE3 Solutions for free resident engagement webinar

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Residents who are regularly engaged in meaningful activities are at a reduced risk for depression, anxiety, declining strength and mobility, and, yes, falls. As part of our National Fall Huddle series, SafelyYou is exploring new ideas in memory care programming to help communities support enriched engagement for their residents, which can reduce fall risk and improve overall well-being. 

For February’s webinar, Reinvigorating Resident Engagement: New Ideas to Increase Inclusion and Reduce Fall Risk, we’ll be joined by Kelly Stranburg and Sara Kyle of LE3 Solutions. Kelly and Sara have over thirty years of combined experience in senior care and now develop programming dedicated to bringing joy, passion, and vitality to each individual resident experience. You can register for the webinar here.

“To increase engagement, begin with the people whose stories you don’t know,” says Sara. That means reaching out to and learning about the folks who aren’t always showing up or sharing. And that’s because engagement begins with discovery. 

Understanding your residents’ history, relationships, and routines is critical to knowing them as individuals—and crucial for developing meaningful engagement for them. If you don’t already have a discovery process in place, SafelyYou has created a tool to get you started. Download our Resident Discovery Document.

Kelly adds, “When you know the details of who a person is—past, present, and even future, including aspirations and goals, you can create meaningful moments and support them in being the best version of themselves, on their terms. This translates into elevated quality of life and well-being, which in turn can reduce risks for falls and other related negative events.”
This knowledge should be the foundation of any programming for the resident, helping to develop both personalization and purpose. To learn more about the importance of discovery and meaningful engagement, understand the connection between engagement and fall reduction, and acquire new ways to engage residents, join our National Fall Huddle on Wednesday, February 16, at 10 am PT/1 pm ET.

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