SafelyYou Webinar: Using Video Review to Understand How Time of Day Impacts When Falls Occur

SafelyYou has gained a deep understanding of fall trends within Memory Care and opportunities to improve person-centered care through the use of practical solutions. Join us as we dive into simple ways to reduce falls and promote meaningful change by understanding how the time of day can influence a residents risk of falling in memory care.

  • Staffing Ratios: Do I have appropriate staffing during peak fall times? How does shift change impact falls?
  • Sleep/Wake Schedules: Are residents being put in bed too early or need support earlier in the morning?
  • Personal Preferences: Do care plans include information on individual habits/routines?
  • Family Insight: Can family support help identify behavioral patterns?

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The Inaugural

2022 State of
Falls Report

From Crisis to Opportunity:

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Remove the guesswork from unwitnessed falls.

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