Where Silicon Valley’s innovators joined the senior living industry’s influencers.

At the end of August, we brought together leaders from both Silicon Valley and the senior living industry to connect, collaborate, and create change, designing a better future for seniors. As the summit unfolded, guests were able to share perspectives, sometimes competing priorities, and the universal desire for more open communication between VCs, capital partners, innovators, and senior living executives. So, we began to develop a blueprint for new phases of excellence and evolution in senior living. 

Key takeaways we established to put our learnings into action:

Make the most of innovation: Focus on today’s AND tomorrow’s needs

Senior care providers are being pulled in countless directions every day, so it can be a challenge to shift focus from immediate needs to evolving new and better solutions. But with the right internal resources and strong external partnerships, providers can solve daily challenges and still look to future ways of improving quality of life for seniors in their communities.

Forge strategic partnerships: Find trusted technology partners to drive innovation

Senior living executives and VCs are not often in the same room. That’s part of why the summit exists. Bringing these two groups together empowers an exchange of ideas and insights that can help drive the senior living industry forward.

Measurement matters: Identify, communicate, and measure goals

Clear goals and timely feedback are critical to any business plan, and technology in the senior living space is no different. Optimizing innovation requires ongoing measurement and strategic conversations around any insights gained.

There was lot of disruptive energy at the event which I loved!

What we discussed

Our panels were collaborative conversations, inspiring an open exchange of ideas and the space for radically honest communication.

It made me realize how little clarity the industry has on the problems it needs to solve. A paradigm shift should be brewing.

Affirmed my belief that we are behind; energized my passion for speeding the development and deployment of technology that will improve our field and gave me hope that we can work across disciplines to make this happen.

Operator Panel

Google X Tour
(Pre-registration required)

Join us for this exclusive, behind-the scenes private tour of this prominent Silicon Valley innovation hub, X, a division of Google. There you will see firsthand what’s next and how technology takes shape.

This tour is exclusively for industry operators and senior housing investor attendees.

Scenes from the event

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Wow. You knocked it out of the park… it was a fantastic experience and I hope I am invited back!

Summit destinations

Transportation will be provided to all summit destinations from the Rosewood Sand Hill hotel.

Summit Sponsors

SafelyYou would like to extend a special thank you to our sponsors. Without their support, the summit, its opportunities, and the future successes first developed by the leaders who gathered with us would not be possible.

Create transformative change in senior care

Transformation doesn’t come from just one of us, it comes from all of us. It takes a collective effort. It takes a collaborative spirit. Now, it’s time to unlock our collective potential to transform senior care, building a better future for seniors and a better way forward for the industry. It starts with the Senior Care Innovation Exchange. Become a member now to share perspectives and take action together, overcoming both common and complex challenges in senior care with new, innovative solutions.


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