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Falls are the number one reason families choose senior living. And informed room design is fall prevention. That’s why SafelyYou is committed to helping communities create living spaces that support understanding and prevention of falls. In April’s National Fall Huddle, we’re partnering with Direct Supply to review furniture, lighting, and layout choices to increase safety and reduce fall risk. We’ll explore the best arrangements for both single and double occupancy rooms—as well as recommendations for new construction—to optimize for mobility, accessibility, and transfers. We’ll examine different types of furniture and lighting and what to consider with each. And we’ll provide guidance on the conversation to have with families before move-in to help prevent potential fall risks from becoming part of the resident’s new space. This information will be valuable throughout a resident’s stay, to reassess for creating a safe environment when there’s a change of condition. We’ll also review case studies, and our expert panel will take your questions.

Webinar Learning Objectives

  • Review different room layouts that optimize for mobility, accessibility, and transfers while reducing fall risk
  • Analyze various types of lighting and furniture and what to consider with each
  • Outline the conversation about room design to have with families before move-in

Webinar Hosts

Jadi Endl
Senior Furnishings Product Consultant, Direct Supply

Jadi has almost 20 years of experience in the furnishings field, as well as a background in marketing, so she brings a wealth of knowledge to the Direct Supply team. She draws on this expertise to help her senior living clients find the exact products to fit their community’s unique needs. Jadi works closely with the marketing team to evaluate and analyze customer feedback, helping to both improve current products and develop new ones. She stays current on senior living trends and supports her team and customers with product consultations, program overviews, product sales training, and customer demos.

Ann Olson, OTR/L
Clinical Success Manager, SafelyYou

Ann recently joined SafelyYou from Church Mutual where she was a senior living risk control specialist. There she collaborated with clients to implement risk-control service plans, researched best practices for accident and injury prevention and developed resource materials for staff and clients. A registered and licensed occupational therapist, Ann practiced for 20 years in healthcare settings including hospitals, assisted living, memory care and outpatient clinics.

Annette Hoffman, MS, PT
Clinical Success Manager, SafelyYou

Annette holds a degree from The Ohio State University and has been a licensed physical therapist for more than 20 years. With experience in both clinical and leadership positions, she has worked in long-term acute care, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities, as well as assisted living and memory care communities. Annette is an advocate of healthcare’s multidisciplinary approach and is proud that SafelyYou fall huddles leverage many perspectives to identify risks, needs, and solutions.

Glen Xiong, MD
Chief Medical Officer, SafelyYou

Dr. Xiong earned his medical degree from UC Davis and completed his residency training in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry at Duke University Medical Center. He is certified by the American Medical Directors Association in Post-Acute and Long-term Care Medicine (2006, 2016). He provides clinical care at the UC Davis Medical Center, and in Skilled Nursing and Assisted Living Facilities.

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