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SafelyYou pairs the best of artificial intelligence with human expertise

Advances in technology mean new breakthroughs in quality of care, and SafelyYou is a perfect example of how these advances make more elevated and effective care easier to provide. Our AI-enabled video paired with support from SafelyYou experts means falls no longer go unwitnessed, root cause of falls can be identified, and future falls can help to be prevented. Let’s look at how it works.

The SafelyYou process

Protected privacy and security

Adherence to strict privacy standards

Cameras are only turned on in consented residents’ rooms

No live streaming

Video is processed in real-time through SafelyYou-Guardian™

No audio

No sound is recorded. Conversations stay private.

No wearables

AI detects falls and alerts care staff within seconds that a resident is in need. There's no need to worry about remembering to wear something or activate it in the event of a fall.

Fall video available immediately

In the event of a fall, care staff has immediate access to the fall video to help screen for injury, assess the seriousness of the incident, and determine if a trip to the ER is required.

Only fall video saved for review

Only video surrounding fall events is stored for assessment. Everything else is immediately deleted from the system.

Our products and services

The SafelyYou system works together and with you, so better quality, person-centered care is easier to provide. You get the benefits of fall detection, fall prevention, and expert support for your communities, strengthening your fall management program.

fall detection accuracy
We couple that with a low false alarm rate, preventing alarm fatigue.
fewer fall-related er visits
Communities, insurers, and families save on time and costs.
fewer falls
Residents are safer, staff can focus on quality of care, and families have greater peace of mind.

The benefits of SafelyYou

From improved resident safety to increased cost-savings, SafelyYou is making a big impact in senior living communities, helping to elevate care while alleviating some of the burden on direct care staff. These are just some of the benefits we provide.

Using SafelyYou

Not Using SafelyYou

The SafelyYou package

You get innovation matched with insights from SafelyYou fall experts, creating a first-of-its-kind fall management program. The SafelyYou package can support your fall management goals, from faster staff response to on-the-ground events to fewer falls in your communities.

Here's what it includes

Fall detection + video review

Customize your package

The SafelyYou team can work with you, tailoring your package to meet your needs.

SafelyYou Insight™

Customize your package

The SafelyYou team can work with you, tailoring your package to meet you needs.

The SafelyYou components

These are the building blocks of our fall detection and prevention program—including the technology that makes our service possible to provide.

Cameras are there to detect falls when you can’t be, helping to keep consenting residents safe. You can choose either Wi-Fi or Ethernet PoE (Power over Ethernet) cameras for the installation. Both options communicate with our secured server hub. There are pros and cons to each camera type based on the specific networking and bandwidth capabilities of each community. The SafelyYou team will work with you to determine the best option to meet your needs.

This is our artificial intelligence hub, which we install in communities we serve. It applies AI algorithms to video received by cameras placed throughout the building. When a camera detects a fall, SafelyYou-Guardian™ triggers a series of events in real-time, including text messages and phone calls to on-call staff. Any video that does not detect a fall is immediately deleted from the system.

SafelyYou-Discover™ is our web portal. It allows your staff members to watch fall videos immediately and track changes to help reduce risk over time. You’ll have unlimited access to all fall-related information, including statistical reports about your communities and residents. Your data is safe with us—our web portal is password protected and maintained with strict security standards.

These critical meetings take place after a fall event. SafelyYou experts—including physical and occupational therapists—provide support for direct care staff, reviewing the event and offering interventions that can be implemented immediately to help prevent future falls.

Want to see how your fall program measures up?

Remove the guesswork from unwitnessed falls.

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