Falls: Behind the Numbers

Did you know that nearly all of resident falls in senior housing communities are unwitnessed, and 70% of falls occur in a resident’s bedroom? These statistics are just the tip of the iceberg. Let’s dig into the numbers and discover how to prevent and reduce the risk of falling.

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The Golden Years

now 74 y.o.

now 57 y.o.








56,000,000 elders

88,000,000 elders

And we have a growing problem

Falls are
a serious issue...

There has been a

in falls since COVID-19

...and falls are expensive





It’s actually a bigger problem than most even realize

Typically, when someone is found on the ground, there are many unknowns. And if they are living with dementia, they often can’t explain what happened.

So what can be done to address falls?


Top 3 barriers associated with alarms and fall reduction:

And actually…

How do we know these statistics if the falls are unwitnessed?

SafelyYou is artificial intelligence-enabled fall detection and prevention for senior living.

Our AI-enabled cameras detect falls with unprecedented accuracy.

Video is recorded only when a fall is detected and care staff in the community are notified to assist immediately.

But it doesn’t stop with fall detection

Subsequent fall review provides caregivers the opportunity to understand the root cause of the fall and put measures in place to avoid the same type of fall from occurring again.
Witnessing actual fall on video review will help you conduct a more accurate resident evaluation and avoid costly ER visit. Leverage learnings to keep residents and staff safe.
Consistent, timely fall huddles to review fall details and develop action plans are key to a successful fall management program.

Although it is impossible to prevent 100% of falls in senior housing communities, you can partner with SafelyYou to develop an effective program to reduce falls and even increase occupancy rates, when move-ins are at an all-time low due to the pandemic.

The Inaugural

2022 State of
Falls Report

From Crisis to Opportunity:

Coming Together to Create

Transformative Change

Remove the guesswork from unwitnessed falls.

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