Anthony De La Rosa - Fall Champion Hero

Anthony De La Rosa is our latest Fall Champion Hero!

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Anthony De La Rosa is the latest Fall Champion Hero to be recognized by SafelyYou for going above and beyond to care for our loved ones and reduce the risk of falls. Each month we’re celebrating a senior living community team member and caregiver. Please join us in congratulating and thanking Anthony!

Anthony has been a Care Partner at Carlton Senior Living – Poet’s Corner in Pleasant Hill, CA for 10 years. Sarah Connor, Director of Resident Services, said “he is just amazing with our residents. He shows so much kindness and compassion each day and is incredibly patient, even on more challenging days.”

Sarah shared that one of her favorite things about him is his enthusiasm when he greets each resident. She recalls hearing his greeting from down the hall for one particular resident when he goes into her apartment to help her change or get ready for dinner. The resident’s face lights up every time walks into the room and says “Hi” and states her full name. Sarah added that “he is an exceptional Care Partner to have with us each and every day. He is someone we, as a team can always count on.”

Sarah will be presenting Anthony with a $50 gift card on behalf of SafelyYou. Thank you, Anthony!

Help us find and celebrate these true heroes They are true heroes, who work tirelessly to create and maintain a safe environment for a family’s loved one. Nominate someone in your community. Tell us why they excel and succeed and share your unique stories.

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