The essential guide to mobility aids: From maximizing function to reducing fall risk

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The fall experts at SafelyYou have partnered with the product experts at Direct Supply to bring you The Essential Guide to Mobility Aids: From Maximizing Function to Reducing Fall Risk. It includes all the details of top mobility aids, so you can help residents make the most of walkers, wheelchairs, and canes—while using them safely to help prevent falls. 

This comprehensive guide explains the advantages of different options in these top mobility aid and covers their various attachments and accessories. It describes how to measure for correct fit, outlines proper transfer techniques, provides guidance for selecting the right mobility aid for the right resident, and details considerations for creating mobility aid-friendly environments.

Download this guide today to support your residents’ mobility—and their safety. It will help you maximize the comfort and function of walkers, wheelchairs, and canes while reducing fall risk.

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