Residents are most vulnerable overnight. We’re sharing how to best support them.

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As the time the time changes in the fall, these behavioral changes may become more pronounced. However, there are ways these nightfall behaviors can be managed, as well as ways to reduce the risks posed by the other overnight challenges communities face. 



In October’s National Fall Huddle, we’ll evaluate the incidence of falls during the evening hours and what triggers and subsequent behaviors are present prior to these fall events. We’ll also review how environmental factors contribute to fall risk—are the lights on when they should off? Are residents becoming entangled in blankets? Are residents wandering at night? 



We’ll provide strategies for mitigating sundowning behaviors, increasing resident safety and reducing fall risk. Additionally, we’ll examine how technology can further help reduce risk during these most vulnerable hours, supporting staff so they can provide more effective and person-centered care.



In this free webinar you can expect to:

  • Analyze when falls occur and identify nighttime patterns, including environmental factors that contribute to risk
  • Examine risks that contribute to falls in the evening hours, including sundowning, low staffing levels, and disruptions to sleep/wake cycles due to time changes
  • Review how technology can be used to support, helping to reduce risk
  • Identify strategies to manage sundowning behaviors, increasing safety

As always, we’ll review successful case studies, and our panel of experts will take your questions. Plus, you can earn 1 NAB or nursing CEU for attending.  Watch the webinar here.

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