Inside Senior Housing: The Essential Guide to Bed Selection

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Our August National Fall Huddle explored the role beds play in fall prevention. We partnered with Direct Supply’s Senior Product Consultant, Kari Harbaugh, for a discussion of how a person-centered approach to bed size, type, and features could promote better quality sleep, safer transfers, and fewer falls. As we prepared, we realized there was an opportunity for more education and a comprehensive guide to beds was needed. So, the fall experts at SafelyYou teamed up with the leaders in specialized medical equipment at Direct Supply to create Inside Senior Housing: The Essential Guide to Bed Selection.

The guide covers everything from bed size to bedding options because the right choices mean more than better sleep for residents—they mean fewer falls. We’ve included a section on room design to support safety and mobility for residents, too. From picking the right bed type to prevention tips to keep residents from falling out of bed and bed assist devices, this detailed document explains it all. Download it today to help your residents sleep more soundly and live more safely. You can watch August’s National Fall Huddle here.

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