An Interactive Look Behind the Numbers to Prevent Falls

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One of the biggest challenges facing senior housing communities is preventing residents from falling. Unfortunately, most falls remain unwitnessed, so understanding how and why a fall occurred is a challenge.

There is a way to overcome this challenge, though. SafelyYou’s AI-enabled fall detection technology has captured more than 10,000 actual falls events on camera, and it is sharing just a snippet of this invaluable information in the interactive infographic, “Falls Behind the Numbers.” 

Let’s dig into a few of these numbers, which will likely surprise you:

  • Falls have increased by 20% due to COVID-19
  • 17% of falls are “silent” falls where the resident self-recovers alone
  • In 30% of falls, the resident moves after the fall before being found
  • In 23% of falls, the resident intentionally self-lowers without self-recovery

Since most falls in senior housing communities often lead to ER visits and even hospitalization, it’s very important to take a closer look at the contributing factors to falls so you can develop a plan to prevent falls in the future. 

Check out the interactive “Falls: Behind the Numbers” infographic >

For a comprehensive guide to best practices and intervention options for operators and care staff, please visit SafelyYou’s Fall Huddle Resource Hub.

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