5 Tips: How To Market Your Fall Prevention Program To Increase Occupancy Rates

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The senior living industry is becoming even more competitive since occupancy rates have been dropping due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, the need for senior housing has not gone away. In fact, fall risk remains one of the top reasons for transitioning to senior living communities, so an effective fall prevention and reduction program is an important factor for those choosing a community.


To stand out in the crowd, you can easily differentiate your falls program with the right sales and marketing focus. Here are five ways in which SafelyYou customers are singling out the advantages of leveraging their fall prevention programs:

1. Be a technology innovator

Your community is forward-thinking in an industry that has typically been slow to adopt new technology. This appeals to the adult children of potential residents. SafelyYou customers leverage the use of AI and video review to understand how falls happen and reduce likelihood of recurrence.

2. Promote your expertise on fall risks to give families peace of mind

Many move-ins are precipitated by a fall event or hospitalization leading to increased fall risk. Families are looking to assisted living communities to be experts that can ease their worries about falls.

3. Highlight how your fall program or technology allows for higher quality of care compared to home care or competitors

SafelyYou has been called “a member of the caregiver team” which provides additional backup and support for their residents and staff.

4. Showcase your transparency and communication for families

SafelyYou removes the “why” and “how” of how unwitnessed falls occur, so staff can better keep families in the loop.

5. Promote how your fall program can help residents age in place longer at your community

Help keep residents in the current level of care longer, so there are less transitions.

In these challenging times, it’s important to showcase every program and service your community offers. Feel free to highlight these five key factors as part of your sales and marketing program to set yourself apart from the competition.

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