Reduce falls, 

risk, and costs.

retention and 
Make better-informed 

clinical decisions.
Provide more 

person-centered care.

SafelyYou offers world-leading AI, unmatched clinical insights, and a clearer understanding of resident risk.

Empower your caregivers
to focus on care

SafelyYou began with the mission to make dementia care safer by reducing falls. Over 200,000 clinically reviewed on-the-ground events later, we’ve transformed the industry, enabling 300+ leading senior living communities to reduce falls, risks, and costs, while increasing retention and revenue. And empowering caregivers to focus on care. 

Here’s some of what you get with SafelyYou:

SafelyYou’s suite of products includes:

SafelyYou Respond™

Our breakthrough fall detection and prevention technology with world-leading AI.

SafelyYou Clarity 

Get optimized revenue for the care you provide.

SafelyYou Aware™

Our latest innovation to help protect residents during the most vulnerable overnight hours.

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How SafelyYou is transforming senior living

We’re making a significant impact in communities

40% of the largest senior living providers

are already using SafelyYou

All while opted-in residents increased over 63% across 5 communities.

Over a two-year period, residents across six Merrill Gardens communities consistently increased their length of stay with access to fall management technology.

When falls did occur, only 3% resulted in an ER visit, vs. the industry average of 20%.

The Inaugural

2022 State of
Falls Report

From Crisis to Opportunity:

Coming Together to Create

Transformative Change

Remove the guesswork from unwitnessed falls.

Customers using SafelyYou have seen:

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