If you were alone in your room and wanted your shoes across the room but couldn’t stand unassisted, how would you get them safely?

Dementia and falling out of bed

I would lower myself slowly from my bed and scoot myself across the room to my shoes and attempt to put them on. Then, I would need to wait for someone to assist me up and will remain on ground until they come. This is what happens to 30% of residents in memory care. They …

New Tech-Enabled Rehab Program Designed to Improve Recovery Experience for People Living with Dementia

Brookdale Overland Park features tech-enabled programs

SafelyYou is honored to be part of this inspired space! “A first of its kind in the nation to incorporate specific technology devices, this new dementia-friendly environment at Brookdale Overland Park features tech-enabled programs and trained clinicians focused on delivering person-centered, skilled nursing care and rehabilitation.”