Rigorous research support

Hypothesis-driven research is fundamental to SafelyYou. Before any new feature is added to the SafelyYou fall prevention product, it is evaluated from a technical standpoint and then through a study with a cohort of residents to evaluate outcomes. Results are then submitted to top peer-reviewed journals to make sure we are held to the highest standard.

Our commitment to ongoing research


Falls remain the greatest safety concern in dementia care, causing 1 in 4 hospitalizations. 80% of fall events are unwitnessed events happening in the bedroom, often at night. We recently completed a study with 11 partner communities sponsored by the National Science Foundation and National Institutes of Health to see how rapid detection of these fall events with immediately available video can improve care. The results showed 41% fewer falls and 69% fewer ER visits from falls. Publication coming soon.

Memory care resident falls - 80% of fall events are unwitnessed events happening in the bedroom, often at night.
Baycrest  Hospital - Apotex Centre

Partner highlight


We are currently launching a study at the world-renown Baycrest in Toronto with the support of the Baycrest-led Centre for Aging + Brain Health Innovation (CABHI) through its Industry Innovation Partnership Program. Baycrest is one of the world's leading academic health science centers focused on aging and brain health. Baycrest is one of the largest senior care facilities in Canada and home to CABHI and the Rotman Research Institute, considered one of the top 5 brain institutes in the world. SafelyYou's focus on using artificial intelligence to detect falls among older adults in long-term care aligns with Baycrest's strategic priorities where reducing clients falls by 13% is a key target indicator of organizational performance. Baycrest will be the first Canadian test site for SafelyYou, and this study aims to explore what type of residents benefit most from the system and what economic impact SafelyYou could have for the Canadian healthcare system.



Our work would not be possible without our research study participants.
Thank you for helping us build a better world for dementia care.

If you're connected to a community that is not currently participating and you think would be a great fit for our research, don't hesitate to reach out. There is limited availability for the research program, but we would love to update you about current openings and future work.


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