SafelyYou empowers memory care staff to implement person-centered fall prevention through fall video review.

Adherence to strict privacy standards 

No live video


Fall video available  immediately

No wearable devices

No audio


Only fall videos saved for review

Privacy & Security

The Product

The SafelyYou® system is composed of 3 elements which together extend your ability to provide person-centered memory care, enabling fall interventions that meet the needs of each individual resident.

SafelyYou-Guardian is our artificial intelligence hub that is installed at the facility. It applies AI algorithms to video received by cameras installed around the facility. When a fall is detected, SafelyYou-Guardian triggers a series of events in real-time that include text messages or phone calls to the on-call staff. All video which is not detected as containing a fall is immediately deleted from the system. 


SafelyYou-Discover is our web portal that allows staff members to watch the video immediately and to track changes to reduce risk over time. Customers have unlimited access to all fall related information including statistical reports about their specific community and residents. The web portal is password protected and maintained with strict security standards. 


With SafelyYou-Insight services, your community gains access to clinical fall expertise. Within 72 hours, fall assessments are provided by our clinical team to document the incident in detail and highlight possible corrective actions based on your specific resident fall patterns and needs. Our fall experts have seen thousands of falls and set aside time on your schedule to review the fall videos, root cause analysis, and recommendations.


Why SafelyYou


Using SafelyYou

Industry Standard

Improved staff response

time to falls

Reduced EMS use when a resident

is found on the ground

Reduced number

of falls

Increased visibility into unwitnessed 

falls with independent recovery

Staff can respond


Residents use EMS 1 in 20 times

they're found on the ground

Residents fall every

5 months on average

Staff are notified immediately and can see exactly what happened

Residents are discovered in 40 minutes on average

Residents use EMS 1 in 3 times

they're found on the ground

Residents fall every

3 months on average

Residents are often found with an unexplained injury after the fact

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