94% of falls go unwitnessed. We’re putting an end to that.

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Lower Resident Falls by 40% & Fall-Related ER Visits by 80%

A Proven Fall Management Program for Senior Living Communities

Deadline extended to December 15, 2021

A SafelyYou grant supports your residents, your staff, and your fall management goals. Each grant covers the cost of implementation for SafelyYou’s fall detection and prevention program,* which helps make better-quality care easier for frontline staff to provide.

*Implementation provided with committed term for the monthly subscription cost. Implementation coverage requires a 15-bed minimum in one community. Applications accepted through midnight PT on Wednesday, December 15, 2021.

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Not Just Fall Detection. Fall Prevention.

  • Understand the root cause of falls to help prevent future falls and provide more effective, person-centered care.
  • Detect and respond to falls in seconds with AI technology that never takes a break.
  • Increase occupancy and length of stay by making your community the safest choice in the area.
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Proven Fall Expertise

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No More False Alarms

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Significant Cost Savings

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Safer Living in Dementia Care

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Learn how SafelyYou helps double resident length of stay.

We take the uncertainty out of a fall event

SafelyYou real-time fall detection technology means knowing exactly what happened when a fall occurs, so care staff is empowered to make changes, preventing future falls. Our fall detection video reveals critical details, so you understand:


caused the resident to go to the ground


the resident fell vs. where they were found


the event started vs. when the resident was found


the resident got up in the first place


mobility aids may be a risk factor

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Our artificial intelligence-enabled video makes it happen

Here’s how it works: A camera is installed in a resident’s room and runs video that only saves a recording when the AI detects a fall. It’s consented, there is no audio or live streaming, and there are no wearables.

We’re helping senior living communities across the U.S. immediately respond to and witness over 1,000 falls per month. We can help your community, too.

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